Household supplies and appliances
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This product line combines Italian quality at very competitive prices.

Our collection can be found in the largest Supermarkets in the country and includes the following products:

Plastic kitchen products – Lemon squeezers, Pitchers, Funnels, Strainers, Adhesive hooks, Memo Holders etc.

Scissors – Nail care, Sewing, General Use and Kitchen scissors.

"BANG" giant sized polypropylene clothes-pegs– Large size and durable, ideal for bulky and heavy objects.

Kitchen utensils – Bottle and can openers, nutcrackers, etc.

Garment bags in various sizes – suitable for Suits, Coats, Dresses and Sweaters.

Self adhesive hooks


Memo Holder

Polypropylene clothes - pegs

Garment Bags

Self adhesive hooks