Latex examination gloves and Disposable products
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Our product line can respond fully to the increasing demands concerning the sanitary conditions prevailing in the food stuffs market and production, including the catering industry.

Our company was the first to introduce Latex gloves in Greek supermarkets in 1989.

The Latex gloves marketed by our company are imported from Malaysian, Indonesian and Vietnamese manufacturers. These products are produced in accordance to international ASTM standards and are ISO 9002 certified. Each product is accompanied by quality control certificates, as per European Community law, i.e. CE marks.

Our collection is completed by polyethylene disposable gloves and aprons, that offer adequate protection at an especially low cost.

Latex examination gloves 100 pcs packing

Latex examination gloves 10 pcs packing

PE Aprons

PE Gloves

Vinyl Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Bouffant Cap